Wednesday, January 25, 2012

163,007 books sold in 10 months

January Sales Update II

Totals are as of January 24, 2012 @ 10PM and do NOT include 106,000 FREE downloads
(Amazon and B&N combined Sales)

Return of the Rose - Released March 2, 2011 $2.99
Medieval Time Travel Romance

March: 298
April: 894
May: 1,600
June: 1,475
July: 1,291
August: 2,352
September: 1,955
October: 1,527
November: 981
December: 1,074
January: 1,173*

Total: 14,620*

A Knight in Central Park- Released March 18, 2011 $.99
Medieval Time Travel Romance

March: 247
April: 6,071
May: 4,306
June: 2,414
July: 1,330
August: 9,812
September: 2,088
October: 1,348
November: 876
December: 2,383
January: 2,343*

Total: 33,218*

Taming Mad Max - Released April 25, 2011 $2.99
Romantic Comedy

April: 30
May: 182
June: 265
July: 310
August: 934
September: 1,872
October: 2,125
November: 2,150
December: 1,561
January: 3,889*

Total: 13,318*

Finding Kate Huntley - Released May 5, 2011 $2.99
Romantic Suspense

May: 187
June: 261
July: 325
August: 1,159
September: 3,363
October: 2,089
November: 1,095
December: 4,421
January: 2,192*

Total: 15,092*

Abducted - Released May 29, 2011 $2.99
Romantic Suspense/Thriller

May: 25
June: 694
July: 1,708
August: 12,917
September: 39,413
October: 18,176
November: 6,645
December: 3,649
January: 1,870*

Total: 85,097*

Dead Weight - Released December 22, 2011 $2.99
Romantic Suspense/Thriller

December: 451
January:    1,211*

Total: 1,662*

*sales as of January 24, 2012 @ 10 PM (B&N and Amazon combined)

Exciting times.

My advice to any writer is to try it all. Go the traditional route and self-publish too. It's exciting to be an author and a publisher. I decide on cover art, editing, formatting. I do my own marketing and promotion. For more info on self-publishing, go to my LINKS tab.

I am very excited about my review of Abducted by Kirkus Reviews. Go HERE to read it. Above you'll see a spike in sales for Taming Mad Max and Finding Kate Huntley. I have put those two books in KDP's Prime Lending Program. Both books went free for 3 days and reaped the benefits after the 3 days were over. I plan to have each of my books in the prime lending program at least once for the three month period. As of today I have about 1,500 borrows for two books in January. Last month I had a total of over 1,200 borrows.   

Try everything! Believe in yourself. Do not stress about making mistakes. If you decide to try the 90 day exclusive thing and it doesn't work for you, at least you tried it. No Fear! You only live once.

The only one who is going to look out for you, is YOU. 

Be happy. Stay positive. Work hard and never ever give up on your dreams.


Brenda Hiatt is collecting data on independent publishing. Help her out by sharing your numbers so that we can all benefit. It's all done anonymously. Click HERE for more information.

If you are thinking about self-publishing, but don't know where to start when it comes to marketing, promotion and formatting, don't worry. There are so many helpful authors willing to share what they have learned. My advice to you is to join Indie Romance Ink run by Cate Rowan and Carly Carson. There are over 500 members. Many IRI members are traditionally published and have already self-published a book or two. Some members are undecided. All are welcome to join and learn.

Twice a month I share my number of books sold in hopes that these numbers might help other writers make their own decisions about self-publishing. Every writer has their own personal and unique journey. My hope is that I can inspire others out there who are working hard at their craft to NEVER GIVE UP. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Other authors who share numbers:

Lisa Mondello
Debra Holland
Norah Wilson
D.D. Scott
Trish McCallan and Jolyn Palliata


Jeff Faria said...

Thank you for the details in this update, Theresa. I saw some steady growth in some titles (especially striking since January usually sees a sales falloff from December) and a decline in others, and it made me wonder what caused the discrepancy. Your explanation cleared that up.

I had also been wondering something else, and if you have covered it please forgive me, but:You've said one aspect of your promotion was time spent on various boards, especially (if memory serves) the Kindle boards I wonder if you did much direct contact with online book reviewers? If so, how many inquiries do you suppose you sent out?

Reason I ask is that I've been doing a LOT of research in this area. I mean, a LOT. I have accumulated data on the preferences of hundreds of these guys and even begun to rank them as first-tier sites (the ones you approach first, 'cause they're lower on the totem pole and more likely to respond) and second-tier sites (Kirkus, people like that, who are more of a challenge).

Therefore I wonder if you spent much time chasing down these reviewers (who come in and out of existence) or if you mainly focused on the boards.

Thanks, as always.

Theresa Ragan said...

Hi Jeff, in the beginning (10 months ago) I was sending out requests for reviews every day. I would guess one request a day. But I would get very few responses. My goal at the time was to get as much exposure for any and all of my books as I could. I did a book tour with Finding Kate Huntley through IBC. It was a lot of work but I really connected with readers. During the tour I managed to get about dozens of reviews, if I remember correctly.

I would love to see your list. Is there a link you could provide showing your data?

About kindle boards, I used to spend about an hour a day over on kindle boards. I still check in every day, but I usually spend about 5 to 10 minutes there to see what's new.

I think reviews and kindle board are equally important when it comes to getting your name out there, especially for authors just starting out. I would say do it ALL in the beginning. Get your name out there any way you can and then spend most of your time writing.

I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by!

Jeff Faria said...

Thank you, Theresa. Yes, that feedback helps a lot (your feedback is very useful). I will message you via facebook to share this list, as a token of appreciation for your candor and friendship.

Jeff Faria said...

Scratch that (facebook) - I see you have an email address here, so I will just send what I have.

Shelisa Loertscher said...

Theresa, thanks for the update, and especially the note about Brenda Hiatt tackling the numbers and the Yahoo group for authors. I'm waiting on membership approval for that now. I'm shooting for Feb. 1 to launch my debut contemporary romance, so it's a great time to find that group.

By the way, LOVED Abducted, now on to Dead Weight!

Theresa Ragan said...

Thanks, Jeff!

Shelisa, good luck with your debut. I'll see you over at IRI.

Colleen said...

Hey Teresa, Did you see that is featuring 'Taming Mad Max' on their facebook page today? WOOT WOOT! for you! Love that story :)

Theresa Ragan said...

Colleen, I haven't seen this!? Are we talking KDP book lending? I need a link. :)

Thanks for telling me.

Colleen said...

I'm not familiar with kdp but use to share/borrow books- its like a library. For someone like me who reads 1-2 books a day its simply not feasible to purchase every book I want to read! So I save all my kindle buys for my favorite authors :-) (including you!!) Booklending allows you to read authors you're not sure about yet.... great exposure to be mentioned like that! I've noticed when they do write ups on specific authors other novels from the same writers shoot to their top 10 requested lists, and you KNOW that has to translate to sales somewhere down the line. You can sign up for their weekly email online to monitor top requests.

Theresa Ragan said...

Colleen, you're awesome. Thanks for all of the great info. Have a wonderful day!