Sunday, April 22, 2012

Swept Away by Romance

Today, Steffi and Karla of Swept Away by Romance reviewed TWO of my romance novels. It's not easy to get a review these days, so to find out I was blessed with not one but two reviews, got me really excited. I read the reviews of my books and loved them (THANK YOU, Karla) and then I started reading all of the other reviews on their site. I like their style. Karla and Steffi give you just enough information to entice and yet not too much that you no longer need to read the book!

I also learned that I don't think Karla was thrilled with my blurb on Having My Baby. I might need to change that up!

Anyhow, I wanted to give a big shout out to a couple of awesome reviewers who have been reviewing now for six months. I look forward to visiting their site often to see what Karla and Steffi are reading.

Speaking of which, what are you reading?  I am currently reading LOCKED DOORS by Blake Crouch.


karla said...

Wow Theresa, what a compliment you've paid us by giving our website such a wonderful shout-out, when the intent was to spread the word on you and your awesomeness. I in no way meant to insult you with my comment about the blurb for Having My Baby. I was just trying to make a point that sometimes we need to look past covers and book descriptions, because we might we missing out out on something very special. One of my favorite books has an awful cover, but had Steffi not clued me in all the goodness of that read, I would never have given it a chance. My thinking on that subject has changed. I no longer "judge a book by it's cover" or the blurb that might not give us the "full story". That's why I love the sample read that Amazon offers, because often it's that first chapter or so that draws the reader in and where we make our decision whether the book is for us. I was totally sucked in to Having My Baby...and I had to have the book.

So thank you for stopping by our site, and you can be sure that your other books are being pushed to the top of my TBR!!


Theresa Ragan said...

Hi Karla, I was definitely not insulted by your comment about my blurb! For the readers that might not take the time to read a sample, I was thinking maybe I should add more...

And I, too, love reading the sample before I purchase a book. You make a good point about covers also.

Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to stop by and comment. Mostly, thanks for providing a great review site for readers.

Steffi said...

Hi Theresa,

I'm the other half of Swept Away By Romance and I just wanted to thank you for this awesome post. I'm so glad Karla 'discovered' your books. I just finished Taming Mad Max last night and absolutely loved it. Of coourse, I immediately started Having My Baby this morning:) I had about 30 min before I had to leave for class and I couldn't stop, so I just kept reading while walking to the train station and on the way back:)

Thanks again for taking the time to write about us and for stopping by our blog!


Theresa Ragan said...

Hi Steffi! So nice to meet the other half. ha! I have to tell anyone who reads this how the two of you met. Karla and Steffi met over at Goodreads. Karla had not been able to read for a while when life got in the way (a story most of us can relate to). Anyhow, Karla met Steffi when they both chatted about a book they didn't like but everyone else LOVED! I love this story because it's so true. Not everyone is EVER going to like the same books. I was shocked when I discovered that not everyone LOVED and ADORED some of my all time favorite authors! :) But, alas, it's true. That's why it's so awesome that there are SOOO many books for readers to choose from.

I'm so glad you stopped by Steffi. I hope everyone takes a look at your blog.