Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Got Book?

If you are thinking about self-publishing, here are a few great places to start.



Authors today are faced with a changing industry, evolving technology and growing competition. Tired of trying to find all the answers on your own? We're here to help. Author E.M.S. is a growing online community designed to help you streamline your business time without sacrificing the creative artist within.



New members must be ***ROMANCE WRITERS*** who have self-published or are indie-curious. We're a genre-focused group by and for romance authors, and we do not allow self-promo. Author service providers and other industry professionals are welcome as long as they are ALSO romance writers.

If you are not a romance writer, consider the Indie Authors Forum The IAF admits writers of all genres as well as industry professionals.



E-Publishing is here to stay. We’re here to provide answers to all your E-Publishing questions. We’re using real numbers, real data, and real examples from our experiences. Sit down, settle in, and breathe in the future.


If you want to see what I did when I first self-published click on the LINKS tab on the top of my site or click HERE.

I first self-published in March of 2011. Not every writer who self-publishes is going to sell a million books. They might not even sell a hundred books. If you are serious about being a writer, though, and you put in the hours and the time and you refuse to release any book that isn't the best it can be, then I believe you have as good a chance as anyone of being a success. 

Be a positive force. Enjoy your journey. Believe in yourself.  


Geraldine said...

Thanks for the useful info here Theresa and for being a constant source of inspiration.

All of my writing projects are going great!

Happy Wednesday, G

Theresa Ragan said...

Keep up the good work, Geraldine. And thanks for the nice comments, as always!

Jeff Faria said...

I see your site has gone green! You're more than ready for St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day, and of course Green Day!

Theresa Ragan said...

Hello, Jeff! Yes, I've gone green. Ha! Happy Green Day!

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