Monday, April 25, 2011

More Number Crunching and Other Stuff

As of 4/25 at 8:30 PM A Knight in Central Park sold 5,299 copies from 3/18 to 4/25 and Return of the Rose sold 1,006, from 3/2 to 4/25 for a grand total of 6,305 books since March 2, 2011. That's crazy! I like to think maybe Medieval Time Travels are hot again!

This whole $.99 vs. $2.99 pricing is very interesting to me. I've made about the same with both books...and I like the idea of being able to give readers a MEGA deal with the book set at $.99. The rest of my books will be $2.99 only because I feel that's a fair price all around. A good deal for all.

I mentioned in one of my comments to a poster that besides sending out emails to friends and family, sending a few tweets, and putting messages about my books on Facebook, I didn't do much marketing. I have yet to blog besides here on my own website. BUT, I did have a wonderful reader mention my book on Pixel of Ink, and although I was up to 108 books a day, after the mention on 4/12, sales suddenly shot up to 580 in one day, before slowly coming back down to an average of 250 a day where I am still at as of today. Thank you Pixel of Ink!

Of course, I have no idea if sales will eventually drop to ten books a day. Who knows? I certainly don't. And I can't worry about it because I want to spend my time writing instead of worrying. I like to believe that my stories are fun reads for busy women everywhere and now I will be able to spend my time concentrating on writing romance novels! What a concept. In the end, that's all that matters to me. I want to write fun, romantic, fast-paced novels that leave readers wanting more. For 19 years that's what this has been all about. Some things never change.

Once again, let me know if you have a question.

Also, if you like reading contemporary romance with a bit of humor, my newest book, Taming Mad Max, a 2008 GH finalist, is available as of a few minutes ago!!! I sold a book! I haven't even told anyone and it wasn't me who bought it, so that's exciting! I want to know who bought my very first Romantic Comedy?! It's also available on B&N, and all three of my books will be available on Smashwords by the end of the week!


Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Awesome numbers, Theresa. I'm very excited about your success in this venture. Now if Oprah would just download my book and love it. LOL!

Seriously, I'm loving these posts you're doing.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Oh, just bought Taming Mad Max too. Looking forward to reading it.

Theresa Ragan said...

Thanks, Trish! Your book, In Living Color, is going to do great! You better hurry and email Oprah before she's gone for good! :)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

LOL! Somehow I think I'd be way down Oprah's list. :)

Anonymous said...

Theresa, those are fantastic numbers! Congrats :)

So I had a few questions for you! Okay, I'll be e publishing Mid may so like I said before, I'm new to the business side and have lots of questions! You said, these are your numbers as of 4/25 since March 2 through March 18. Does that mean, those are your numbers after the two week period, starting March 18? Or does that mean those are your numbers between March 2 and today?

I know writers get paid monthly from Amazon, and that there are daily posts and rankings you can monitor, but did you mention "March 2 through March 18" because there are period statements? I'm a little confused, haha.

Also, you mentioned you like writing fast pace fiction. Me too! How many words are your books? I tried to find out on Amazon, but it doesn't say. Was that the reason for the $.99 price because it was a novella? Just wondering because my book is a novella at 30,000 words. Was thinking about debuting it at $1.99...

Again, congrats and thanks for sharing!

I just found a network two days ago for independent authors and I'm about to join. Thought I would share the info with you and whoever else is reading these posts!

This is the link:

It's only $24, I believe, and you just have to be active on Facebook, Twitter and blog...and it's a network to promote each other. This is a little blurb from the site:

Active members are seeing over 1,200 hits to their IAN page per month! Members are reporting sales increases shortly after joining. Google or Yahoo search a member and chances are the member's page shows up on page one of the search.

Isn't that great?? Just thought I'd pass the information along! :)

Anyway, can't wait to hear back! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh! and congrats on your latest release! Will have to purchase it! :) there is this blogger, and writer, Sibel Hodge,
that (I'm wanting to say created the independent author network mentioned above) anyway, she has a challenge she is involved in called:

"indie-ficiton challenge" where you commit to reading 24 indie published books in 2011. But the catch is, each story must be written by a different author with a different last name! Like...A...B...C...etc.

Sounds super fun and you can post the little pen saying your participating on your blog as well as be listed on the participant list. It's another great way to network, I find. But, I am totally like you!-Have to find time to write! :) Anyway, all this to say, I'm joining the challenge and now I can cross of my R for "Ragan" for your latest book!

Theresa Ragan said...

Hi Lacy, sorry about the confusion! Those numbers were from the release dates. Return of the Rose was released on 3/2/11, so I had sold 1,006 books from 3/2/11 to 4/25/11 and then for A Knight in Central Park, the release date was 3/18/11, so I sold over 6,300 of those books from 3/18/11 through 4/25/11. Phew. There. Hopefully that helps!

Both of these Time Travels are a little over 100,000 words (400 pages). Not novellas. BIG novels! ha! $.99 is a great deal. I might raise the price later on because it is a big book. My newest book, Taming Mad Max, is about 90,000 words. Most of my books are about 100,000 words. I need to put that info on the product description. Thanks for reminding me!

Theresa Ragan said...

Lacy, the indie fiction challenge looks like fun to me! I might just sign up for that. I'm going to go check out both sites you mentioned right now! Thanks!

Theresa Ragan said...

Lacy, one more thing...Amazon doesn't pay until 60 days AFTER your release my first release date is March 2, 2011. I don't know if I get a big lump sum on May 2, 2011...or what?! I'll let you know how that works when i get my first payment! that will be my next post! Is it tacky to tell everyone what I made at that time or is it informative for curious minds? I'm kind of an open book with stuff. I don't see how sharing information can hurt...only help.

Anonymous said...

it is informative!!! :)) lol. Especially for those of us who are publishing right behind you! It gives us a good idea what to look for! I had no idea you had to wait 60 days! lol. Wow, looks like someone is going shopping!! :) That's going to be nice!

Wow, those are large novels! If you don't mind me asking, how much do you write a day? And how long does it take to write 100,00 words? (Sorry for so many questions! Literally, for real, my 3rd grade teacher told me I asked too many questions! My response was "Well, how am I supposed to know anything if I don't ask questions?" lol.)

I asked someone on Joe Konrath's blog about how payment works, and they said that they get a direct deposit once a month. That's so nice! Looking forward to your next post! Congrats again :)

Theresa Ragan said...

Lacy, I ask a lot of questions, too, so that's probably why I don't mind answering them! About being paid...I think I only have to wait 60 days after the FIRST release and then 30 days from then on...

I saw that Joe Konrath was making $68,000 a month! That's cool.

I write at least 8 hours a day (at least before I was doing all of this formatting and book cover shopping). I would write more but I still have 1 of 4 kids at home, getting ready to go off to college. I also have two old animals that are like kids, and a husband who is like a kid. Lots of kids over here!

Anyhow, over the past 19 years, I have written ten 400 page novels, one 200 page novel, and many proposals and half-finished novels. It takes me about 9 months to write a 400 page book and then I let it sit for a few months while I start the next book. THEN, I go back to that book and give it another read or two, and then I send the book to two readers for review. so, in all, each book takes about one year.

The economy in Sacramento isn't so hot right now and I was going to have to return to work this year after my daughter went off to college. But it looks like becoming an INDIE AUTHOR just might have saved my writing career. If this keeps up, I can stay home and write books. My dream come true.

Thanks again, Lacy. Keep the questions coming!

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy to hear that you are doing well enough at your gifting and talent that you can be an indie author :) Seriously. That is such a blessing. It makes me really happy to see people's dreams come true! I can see you on Good Morning America soon, doing an interview, haha. "Prospering in the Recession" :)

Well, with such discipline, tenacity, drive and talent, I think you are going to make even more than you ever hoped or thought in the coming months and years and that's exciting! Just like Konrath said, the more books that are out there, the more earning power. So it's exciting probably to see what your numbers will be in July with the new 3rd book!

I laughed at all of your kids! haha. I have a cat that acts like a dog and he's super high maintenance...he follows me everywhere! and I have a husband :) no kids yet, but I write full time for my current job so I try to write as much as I can when I am not writing for my job (and network, and work on my online presence! lol). I applaud you for writing at least 8 hours a day! Norah Roberts does that.

Yes, Konrath was making $68,000 a month! That's just incredible! Not to mention Amanda Hocking who makes over $100,000 a month! So, are you on to your next book, now? I just bought your book last night! :)

Thanks for all the great info! Have a great day! Now off to writing! :)

Theresa Ragan said...

Yes, get back to writing, Lacy! What are you doing over here! ha! LOL about your animals. They are like having children. Unless you can ignore them, which I cannot do no matter how hard I try.

I am not onto my next book yet...although I do have a half-finished romantic thriller and a half-finished medieval time travel calling my name!

First, I need to get these other books downloaded onto, and by the time that's done, I'll have two more books ready for release! And then I do all of the HTML formatting myself, etc. I plan to get back onto my regularly scheduled writing hours on May 9th. Phew. By then I should have more numbers to blog about! Take care and let me know the moment your book has been released.