Saturday, April 30, 2011

Next Week I'm Talking Money

I've said it once and I'll say it twice, I write romance novels because I want to entertain people. For 19 years I have been writing almost every day, determined to get my books out there for readers to enjoy. I have never received a dime for my efforts.

My point is...this really isn't about money. BUT, this is about informing writers of their options and earning potential. Becoming an independent author and actually earning some $ will give me the opportunity to relax, knowing I just might be able to stay home full time and write more novels. When I started writing all those years ago, I remember thinking I wanted to teach my kids that determination, perseverance, and hard work pays off. Then I wasn't selling and I was beginning to think I was wrong about hard work and passion being the magic combination to making dreams come true.

But now...I'm thinking it was all worth it. Hard work and perseverance really has paid off and in ways I never imagined. When I released my medieval time travels on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords, I was hoping to sell ten books. I've sold thousands and I'm getting email from wonderful kind-hearted readers who are taking the time to tell me they loved my stories.

So, now I'm going to share my paycheck with you. Okay, that doesn't sound right. I'm not passing out cash over here. I'm just going to be sharing more numbers with you in terms of dollar amounts. So stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I'm eagerly awaiting!! So excited for you! :)

this is Lacy Camey, by the way. Unable to post from my site or anything!

Theresa Ragan said...

Nothing yet!!! I don't know if Amazon and B&N will send me an email or what...I released the first book on 3/2/11, BUT I didn't make too many sales until that second week...hmmm... It could be another week! What a tease I have been. dang! I will give more book sale numbers until then, since I feel badly for teasing everyone. ha! I will also post the amount owed, which is better than nothing, right?! I have to give a good plug for Smashwords though, since they put $18.21 right into my paypal account! I haven't sold too many over there because I just downloaded the other book the other day, AND you need an ISBN number to sell to Sony and Apple. But still, I'm impressed with how they don't fool around when it comes to giving you your royalties. Okay, more numbers will be coming soon!

Geraldine said...

It sounds so right Theresa! Wonderful and well-deserved payback after all your hard work.

I'm following your blog on Google Reader now too.