Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sometimes We Just Need to Write!

Being an Indie Author or self-publishing a book or two means you have to do everything. Suddenly, you find you're spreading yourself a little thin. Formatting books, designing covers, blogging, marketing, reading lots of articles that are mostly speculation. How much should I sell my book for? How will I get people to read my book? How will I stand out in the crowd? How long will this Ebook craze last?  Who knows?

Stressing or worrying will do you no good.

I'm blogging today to tell all writers to WRITE. Plain and simple. I'm pretty sure that's how Nora Roberts writes so many books. She WRITES. A LOT! I bet you she doesn't spend a whole lot of time checking out blogs, twitter and facebook. Yeah, I know, she doesn't have to worry about those things because she's got people to do that for her. But still...three months from now you might be disappointed in yourself if you haven't written at least a half of a new book. Certainly spend time on marketing and formatting, but make sure you save time for your writing. If you really want to succeed in this business, write as often as you can.

I just returned home from a three-day parent orientation. My fourth child will be going off to college soon. Meanwhile, my 22-year old wants me to go to her Pro Am basketball games an hour away and my 24-year old son recently moved back into the house. Distractions are always going to be there. Years ago, I remember thinking that when my youngest was finally in pre-school for three hours a day I would have SO much time to write. It doesn't work that way. If you're in a busy chaotic household like mine, you need to find a way to make it work. Lock the door. Turn up the music. Tape a note to the door that says QUIET! Just don't give up. No matter what your circumstance. WRITE!

2 comments: said...

Theresa, oh my gosh! We are on the same wavelength :). I was going to blog about this today! It's incredibly easy to get sucked into a vacuum of reading blogs, which most of them are what you say they are-speculation. A lot of them, send off negative vibes, which aren't conducive to positivity!

Thanks for the voice of reason! :)

A trick that I am currently implementing, is I seriously have to set my Iphone timer, and write. (or like today, edit). Sad thing is, I made it 13 minutes before my ADD mind wanted to "check this blog out" "go to kindle boards" "go to twitter" Then I told myself, "Just write!(edit)" :)

I am still reading "Taming Mad Max" and love it! Wish I had more time to read, but I'll get there! Thanks for the blogpost! Cheers :)

Theresa Ragan said...

Hi Lacy. It has been tougher to write now that i'm doing all of this other stuff. I've been reading every night, too. Lets vow to do five pages a day this week! Ready, set, go!