Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sales Update and Kindle Boards

I try to blog once a week, but I’m running behind because I’ve been writing like crazy. I am ripping apart my second romantic comedy because it needs some work. I’m actually having fun doing it because I have some great new scene ideas to add. I try to keep my books moving along at a good pace. That’s important to me as a reader and therefore also as a writer. When reading, I tend to skip boring dialogue or any scene where characters talk about the weather and what they’re going to do today.

But enough about that! Let's talk about BOOK SALES and what YOU can do to increase your sales, too.

I hope to hit 20,000 books sold by July 10th (this weekend!)

I have been selling over 1,000 books a week (Amazon, B&N, Smashwords). I sold more books in May than in June, but with some super duper paid for advertising on Eye on Romance and The Romance Reviews, I hope to have better sales this month. I’m certainly not complaining. In fact, I’m trying to concentrate more on writing books and less on all this other stuff.


So many great blogs out there with amazing authors who are all helping one another. I love it! But I’m sure you can relate when I say I’m having a hard time keeping up with all of these great blogs.

Whenever I find a new and wonderful blog, I will post the website URL on my LINK page.
Here is a great post on why you should use kindle boards.
Today I’m reading all about Kindle Boards. Lots of fun, great info whether you’re a writer or a reader or both! But, like most things I’ve been learning about lately, it takes time to figure it all out. Just make sure you follow the rules…and if you are like me and you don’t like rules, too bad. You have to follow them over there. They are strict about rules and you don’t want to get kicked off or eaten alive if you post on the wrong topic. Ha! Come register at Kindle Boards and say hi!

One more thing...
PERMISSION GRANTED TO FORWARD (& forwarding is much appreciated!)

Indie Romance Ink is a free gathering place for indie romance authors. Come to the new IRI Yahoo group to network and share the indie journey with your peers--tips, wins, marketing strategies, etc. The co-founders (Cate Rowan and Carly Carson) want it to be a great resource for the indie romance community, so we've also reserved the URL for future expansion--blogs, author/reader interactions, etc.

Indie Romance Ink is open to anyone who's self-published a work of romance (short story to mega-novel--it's all good!). RWA membership isn't required. Come on over--and please spread the word to your indie friends!

5 comments: said...

Loving your link page! Congrats, Theresa :) I agree with you about Kindle Boards. I've learned so much! And for those of you that join, don't be alarmed when your status says, "Doctor Seuss". You didn't do anything wrong :). It just means that you are a newbie and need to post past 50 to get to the next name. Everyone has "different names" according to how many times they've posted.

I wish someone would have told me that at the beginning because honestly, I was a little embarrassed, lol. I was like, "I do not write children's books. Why does it say that? How do I change it??"

Best Wishes always!

Theresa Ragan said...

LOL, Lacy! I saw the Dr. Seuss name and laughed. I love Dr. Seuss, so I was okay with it. :) If you have any other tips for us, Lacy, please tell! In fact, I have a question. I am trying to get my name listed as an author on the Book Bazaar page. Did you just start a thread about anything and then wait for the moderator to send you a note? And then, once the moderator replies you can email info to the admin? It took me all morning to figure out that a "thread" was just a new topic. sheesh.

There sure are a lot of great discussions going on. I think I'm going to like it over there.

Cate Rowan said...

Thanks for the mention of IRI, Theresa!

As for KB, it's a wonderful place. But beware--it's addictive. :)

Wish I could remember how the Book Bazaar works. It's been ages since I started a thread there. I think on the Book Bazaar you can start a thread about your book and post on it ONCE per week (very strict), although you can reply right away to OTHER people who reply to your thread--but then I think you have to wait another week before you post on your thread (unless someone else replies). There should be a sticky about that somewhere. Good luck!

Caroline said...

T--Congrats on your 20,000 books in such a short period!! I'm thrilled for you.

The Kindle Boards and IRI sound like great places. I'll check them out later today.


Anonymous said...

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