Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sales Update

This is for those of you who like to see what's happening with other writers. Amanda Hocking wrote a post for her blog in December 2010 showing her sales. It's fun to look at and it gives us writers something to shoot for. Here is the link to Amanda's post:  You can feel her excitement in her post.

And on a less grand scale, but no less exciting for me, here are my sales thus far.

Return of the Rose - Released March 2, 2011    $2.99
Medieval Time Travel Romance

March:     253
April:       879
May:     1,595
June:    1,460 

A Knight in Central Park - Released March 18, 2011   $.99
Medieval Time Travel Romance

March:    265
April:    6,017
May:     4,282
June:    2,383

Taming Mad Max - Released April 25, 2011  $2.99
Romantic Comedy

April:      30
May:     182
June:    264

Finding Kate Huntley - Released May 5, 2011   $2.99
Romantic Suspense

May:      184
June:     256

Abducted - Released May 29, 2011   $2.99
Romantic Suspense/Thriller

May:        24
June:     696

Total Books sold for March, April, May and June = *18,770

*On July 9th I hit 20,000, but I am not including July sales here. I am selling about 150 books a day.

By the end of the year I am hoping that I'll be able to make some sort of judgment as far as what genre sells the best for me. Right now (looking at my July sales so far) it looks like romantic/thrillers are the way to go. But Return of the Rose seems to be rising in sales and is keeping up with Abducted, so who knows. Either way, I'll keep you posted.

I am working on my second romantic comedy and then I plan on finishing my third medieval time travel before Christmas, 2011. After that, I plan to finish my second romantic thriller which I can hardly wait to get back to!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Phenomenal sales and in such a short time, too. Congrats! You deserve it. Let's hope they keep sellin' like hotcakes! ;-) lol

Theresa Ragan said...

Thanks, Shea. I love hotcakes, but whatever happens in the future with sales...I am grateful for every sale I have already made and for every reader who emailed to tell me he/she liked my book. That part still feels unreal to me. I am a writer. I write. And I LOVE every moment of it.

None of my published author friends ever told me how truly wonderful it is to hold your very own book in your hand (I have my first PROOF copy of Return of the Rose and I can't stop looking at it). And then to receive emails from readers who love your just keeps getting better.

If you love writing, never give up!

Wow, Shea, this was supposed to be a short response to your fun comment, but once again I got carried away. ha!